Red Zone Visualising an earthquake recovery process

Visualising an earthquake recovery process


Christchurch is a city situated in New Zealand. In February 2011, the city was struck by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake causing 45% damage to the city’s infrastructure, taking the lives of 185 people and destroying its iconic Cathedral.


The nonexistence of visually engaging post-disaster recovery update sources

Due to the devastating nature of the event, it is necessary to expose the topographical recovery process in a simplified manner that a wide range of inhabitants can understand.


Engage viewers to experience the recovery process by providing live-feed statistical visual updates.

User could track the live recovery process from a single trusted source. By visiting the website in a daily or weekly basis, user can witness how damages (represented by fragmented red circles) around the city is gradually being restored.

The red fragmented circles will not vanish entirely, as this represents the irrecoverable psychological loss endured by the inhabitants.