S1E3: Google Visualised My Lunch Appointment

So, I have this workmate who has TONS of appointments, by tons I mean she never remembers if I’ve booked her for lunch. Since I haven’t been catching up with her for awhile, I decided to arrange a lunch appointment for Tuesday afternoon (then it was a Sunday evening). As a joke, I created the event on my Google Calendar (like I always do with my meetings) in order to catch her attention and actually make her come.

I opened my Google Calendar app and created an event called “Lunch Gossip Session” followed by inviting her email and setting up the time slot. Once I Saved the event, I was utterly flabbergasted (correct me if I’m exaggerating) to discover that Google has created an illustration for my lunch event:

Of course the curious me ended up testing multiple word combinations to see what words/events were Google able to visualise for its user. Here are a few of the ones I’ve discovered.


After getting hyped about this feature in front of a group of friends, they ended up testing the Calendar’s intelligence in visualising other (read: complex) keywords. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide an illustration for every event’s keywords we have in mind. Oh well, being able to illustrate a series of events is indeed a WOW-to-the-power-of-WOW effect.

Although not highly functional, this keyword recognition feature is very thoughtful and emotionally engaging. At least it was pleasing to experience how Google is capable in visualising my activities, and because they are Google, their illustrations are stylishly cute!

Next, let’s see if this friend of mine will remember to come to a lunch meeting which event has been automatically contextually illustrated.