Fractiown Not taking property investment too seriously

Not taking property investment too seriously.


Fractiown is a property crowdfunding investment concept which is still regarded foreign by most Indonesians. Providing education, utilising quirky copies and creating trustworthiness towards the visitors are the essentials of achieving a uniquely entertaining yet welcoming property-browsing experience.

Property investment is a serious topic, and property crowdfunding is a new concept.


The users’ unfamiliarity with the crowfunding concept hinders them from making online property purchases.

Property investment requires huge ticket size and is associated for being a moderate-risk investment – after conducting multiple user interviews, it appears that nobody is convinced to purchase property online and if they were to, they would request to physically view the property first before committing to purchase it.

Unfortunately users were still unconvinced to purchase property online through Fractiown even though Fractiown has created a crowdfunding system designed to accommodate affordable property purchases. The Indonesian market is still skeptical with the system since the concept is new and unusual. With property prices becoming less affordable, Fractiown also provide a chance for early investors to invest in property. However, most early investors are not yet aware of the options that suit their budget.


The property purchase procedures normally take place offline with request for site visit being the fundamental step for potential buyers to assess the overall property condition.

Instead of encouraging user to purchase property directly through the website, they are provided with the opportunity to register their interest on selected properties. Additionally, the omnipresent “Ask us” button acts as a quick access to cater to the user’s curiosity regarding the crowdfunding investment system.

A profiling system is created to provide user with the most suitable property selection based on their inputs. Contextual application of witty and humorous copies are used to eliminate the stiff and serious image of property or investment-related websites.