Action The button that makes films

The button that makes films


To redefine cinema experience, Action! explores interactivity in the already-passive cinema experience. The experience focuses largely on creating self-recorded and produced films to enhance the cinematic experience.


How might we design an interactive cinema experience that allow audience to contribute to the narrative of the film itself?

Cinema viewing is a passive activity – the audience are not provided with the opportunity to contribute to the story of the film. Interactive cinema experience traditionally focuses only on recreational aspect, like what we see in 4D and IMAX cinemas. Those so-called interactive cinema is actually a one-way interaction because it only provide audience with an enhanced viewing experience without allowing them to contribute to the experience itself. Unfortunately this misconception shapes the definition of interactive cinema that we know today.

With the absence of dynamic content creation and participatory aspect, the existing interactive cinema experience hasn’t adhered to the notion of interactivity.


There are 4 fundamental roles that form cinematic experience – acting, filming, producing and viewing. Traditionally, different people are assigned to those specific roles, therefore the quest is to translate those fundamentals into a system that could be simultaneously triggered to naturally unify all the different aspects.

In order to translate those into an experience, a system triggered by a button is designed to execute the actual simplified process of film production. The button itself is connected to a computer (with webcam) and projector – when pressed, the computer will play a video of a rule/script that participant should act upon while at the same time being filmed by the webcam that would run for 90 seconds.

Surprise Element

After filming the participant’s action for 90 seconds, through the projector, the system presents a split screen, with one screen playing their video, and another screen playing the previous participant’s video. The storytelling aspect is embedded in the scenario that the participants are obliged to act on – the first actor is assigned to act as a restless individual and the following as a slow individual, therefore playing their video in a form of split screen will display the contrasting characteristic between the characters.

Your video will be a part of a bigger compilation.

The journey of creating a film itself is a cinematic experience which is triggered by a green button – by pushing it, participant could act, film, produce and film their own film. Moreover, participant gains full control of the result of their experience.